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Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree Online

Earn Weber State University’s fully online, accredited bachelor’s degree and pursue an exciting career in criminal justice. WSU offers the flexibility to take a class on your own time while providing the faculty support you need to excel through graduation.


We are here for you and happy to help!

Why Criminal Justice Online?

Weber State faculty members not only have backgrounds in prosecution, defense, corrections, and police work, but they are also trained in online education. Our program focuses on both-real word application and the theory behind it, so you can either work in the field or continue on to graduate school. 

This degree will enable you to work in the court system, be a victim advocate, or work with troubled youth. Get ready for the next steps in a law enforcement, corrections, or criminal justice career. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your current career or start down a new, exciting path, WSU offers the flexibility to take classes when they work with your busy schedule.

Check out our departmental scholarships for help paying for college. If you’re employed in law enforcement, a Public Safety Officer Career Advancement Grant (PSOCAG) and other funding could be available. Your employer may also have tuition reimbursement programs or bonus/raise incentives for earning your degree.

Create Your WSU Profile for Admission

14% Criminal Justice Industry Growth in Utah
Public In-State Tuition 70% below national average
Best 10-Year Return on Investment in Utah


Other Criminal Justice Degrees

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