Student Spotlights

Gissel Santoyo

OGDEN, Utah — As a first-generation college student, Gissel Santoyo came to Weber State University a bit timid but left with a computer science degree and newfound confidence. 

“I decided to go to college because my parents are immigrants from Mexico and over there, they didn’t have the opportunities that I did to get an education,” Santoyo said. 

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Artem Koval

Weber State University opened a new world for Artem Koval, a computer science major who moved to the United States when he was 16. 

Koval was born and raised in Zaporizhzhia, an industrial and cultural center in southeast Ukraine. His father worked there as an electrical engineer, helping shape young Koval’s fascination with technology – from playing video games to building computers.

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WSU international student now among Utah’s top tech women

OGDEN, Utah — Davina Kamikazi developed her passion for technology growing up in Kigali, Rwanda, often solving problems with computers and televisions. Now, she is turning her passion into a career, and recently won an award putting her in company with Utah’s tech industry leaders.

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Cory Britton

The first day Cory Britton tried to enroll at Weber State University, fear kept him in his truck. This week, at 42, he will proudly join nearly 6,500 other graduates as he picks up his diploma in computer science.

A first-generation college graduate, Britton and his family are still astounded at the accomplishment and transformation of a student who walked away from high school at the beginning of 11th grade.

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