Parking Sale Information & Instructions


To access the Parking Services web applications each person must log into their e-Weber account. This can be done from the Weber State homepage. After logging on, please click on the Student Services tab, at the bottom of the list you will find the Parking Services link. Click on that link "Purchase and Pay for a Permit".  Select your parking permit and add a vehicle or select the vehicle listed on your account.  After you have selected your permit, click on the “Pay for Permit” button to pay for your permit.



 Parking Rules and Regulations require that all citations must be paid prior to permit purchases. Any attempt to access the system for an account with unpaid citations will be prevented. Outstanding citations can be reviewed by clicking on that link. To pay the citations listed, click on the “Pay Citations Now” link found on the page.



Citation payments are posted to accounts within one business day. For immediate payment processing, please come to Parking Services located in Annex 5.




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