2015-2016 Metaphor Staff

How to Join the 2015-2016 Metaphor Staff

The Metaphor is always looking for people to join our staff. Every year, students submit their best work from Art, Music, Poetry, Nonfiction and Fiction, and members of our staffs peer review and make the selections for next year's journal.
Members of the Metaphor staff join two staffs and participate in committees such as distribution or advertising. We are always looking for ways to promote the talents of members of our campus and our staff, and have many opportunities for leadership and involvement
If you are interested in becoming a part of the Metaphor staff, please fill out the following application and email the information to weberstatemetaphor@gmail.com with the subject line "Staff Application."

» Download the Metaphor 2015-2016 Staff Application (PDF)

» Download the Metaphor 2015-2016 Staff Application (.DOCX)