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The John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics prepares you to succeed in the rapidly advancing world of business. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are accredited by AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Each program provides a strong foundation for your business career.

Our classes are small. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find smaller classes or a better student/faculty ratio anywhere in the nation. Our faculty members love to teach and to work closely with our students. As a result, corporations have a high opinion of Goddard School students and the education they receive here.

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Sky King, MBA

Sky King, MBA, 2011

“If students come here they can have the best experience at a business school.”

For Sky King, encouragement from one professor gave Sky the confidence he needed to pursue a career in higher education.  Sky grew up in Price, with his parents Brad King, a Development Director, and Tami King, an Elementary School teacher.  Both of his parents encouraged Sky to go to college, and Sky went, but he was never sure what he would do with his degree. 

That is, until he took his first business class, Marketing 3010, with Dr. Tony Allred.  The concepts and principles that Dr. Allred shared with Sky and his peers in that first class got Sky thinking about pursuing a career in Marketing.  But he didn’t have any experience, and he was worried that he wouldn’t catch on as quickly as some of his peers if he pursued a Marketing degree. 

So he went to go talk to Dr. Allred.  And in that first meeting, Dr. Allred said something to Sky that changed everything.  He looked at Sky and he said, “You are good at this.  You are going to do well here.”  Those two phrases – twelve words – gave Sky the confidence he needed to pursue a degree in Marketing.  He graduated in 2007, and thenwent on to get his MBA from the John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics at Weber State.

In 2012, Sky applied to three Ph.D. programs.  Dr. Allred helped him apply to degree programs Oklahoma State and University of Texas El Paso.  Sky also applied to Washington State University in Pullman, Washington because he felt confident that he was a competitive applicant for the program, confidence Sky did not have when he took his first business class.  But confidence that Sky had gained thanks to a mentor, an encourager, a professor and a fan.  One person and twelve words gave Sky the resources and the confidence he needed to pursue his dream.