Gym Rules

Weight Room Rules

  1. Academic classes have priority of equipment use in the Activity Arena; class times may vary by semester. 
  2. Individuals under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult (≥18) at all times.
  3. No person under the age of fourteen (14) is permitted in the free weights area.
  4. Patrons may ask for a “spot” from any of the Functional Fitness Consultants or if available the Customer Service Attendants.
  5. At least one spotter is recommended on all free weight equipment. Squats performed outside the squat rack require two spotters.
  6. Shirt and athletic shoes are required at all times in the facility. Proper workout apparel is required. Please ensure that your shoes are clean, and free from tracking in mud, dirt, snow, etc.  Locker rooms are provided for changing. 
  7. Sandals, flip-flops, aqua socks, and deck shoes are prohibited.
  8. Jeans are not allowed on weight equipment due to the potential for damage to the upholstery.
  9. Use of “collars” is mandatory when using the free weight bars.
  10. Patrons must return all weights, attachments, bars, dumbbells, and kettlebells to an appropriate weight tree or rack after using.
  11. Slamming or dropping weights (plates, dumbbells, barbells, etc.) is prohibited; this is a safety issue, as well as a concern for the equipment and floor.
  12. Removal of weight pins from their machines is prohibited.
  13. Use exercise machines and equipment only for their intended use.
  14. No equipment shall leave the free weight/machine areas at any time.
  15. Please refrain from resting on equipment between sets; be courteous of others and allow them to work in with you.
  16. Weight belts may be checked out from the CSC with a valid WSU ID. Additional equipment may also be available.
  17. Towels and/or wipes are recommended for sanitary purposes. Patrons are asked to wipe off their machines using the spray bottle and blue towels/wipes provided.
  18. Personal stereos with headphones/ear buds are permitted, except during track team practice (safety issue).
  19. Backpacks, fanny packs, etc., are not allowed on the weight room floor. (Cubbies/lockers are available.)
  20. No food or drink is allowed in the arena, with the exception of covered/closeable water bottles.
  21. There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular training equipment while others are waiting. 
  22. The use of metal or cast iron plates on the track surface is prohibited.
  23. Rubber mats must be used when weights or bars are placed on the floor surface in the activity arena (purple surface). Use of rubber mats is intended to maximize the life of the floor’s surface, as well as contribute to safety. 
  24. As you exit the workout areas please watch for runners on the track.

Locker Room Rules

  1. Student half-lockers may be rented through the Customer Service Center for the amount of $30 per semester. A $20 locker rental and $10 deposit are required.The $10 deposit will be returned at the end of the semester upon the return of the lock and towel.
  2. Faculty/Staff (full length) locker rental is for a period of one year. Renewals for lockers start in October. The charge for faculty/staff lockers is $60 ($50 rental fee and $10.deposit). The $10. deposit will be returned when they check-out of their locker.
  3. In the Stromberg/Swenson facility, the full or half locker length lockers are available for participants to use when attending classes or participating in free time recreation or intramural events.
  4. No private locks are allowed over night.  Private locks will be cut off and there will be a $5 fee to retrieve items.
  5. Daily lock/locker rental is available for $1.00.
  6. Towels are issued on an exchange basis only. A $5 fee will be assessed for a lost towel.
  7. Items left unattended are not the responsibility of Facility Coordinator or Customer Service Center. The facility is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. The facility reserves the right to search individual lockers for university property and/or hazardous objects and materials.
  8. Deposits will be forfeited if lockers must be cleaned out by recreation staff. Personal items retrieved when clearing out an overdue locker will be held for one semester.
  9. No refunds will be given after the first two weeks of a semester.
  10. "Lost and found" items will be held in the HPEC/SG facility for a period of one semester. After that time the items are turned over to the campus lost and found department.