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2016-2017 Executive Election Winners

--- President ---

Gregory WoodfieldGregory J. Woodfield

Fellow Students of Weber State University,

It’s time. It’s time for change. It’s time for opportunity. It’s time for vision. It’s time for Weber State students to understand what Weber State University Student Association does. It’s time for us to supports our athletics. It’s time for unity. It’s time for education. It’s time for performance. It’s time to give a helping hand. It’s time to secure your future leadership. It’s time for Weber State to Elect Gregory Woodfield for Student Body President.

WSUSA is the heart surging purple blood throughout all of Weber State. Most don’t understand what we do, why we’re important or what opportunities we provide for students. It’s my goal when elected to bring WSUSA to YOU, the students and I plan to do this one student at a time. I’ll include everyone in our activities, senate conversations, clubs and orgs, leadership conferences, service opportunities, diversity talks, Davis events and programming, sporting events, and scholarship opportunities.

If elected it is my goal to establish better marketing connections for WSUSA throughout campus. I will continue to build and foster relationships for WSUSA by providing opportunities to non-traditional and traditional students to get involved in WSUSA. I will work toward creating fair opportunities for all students to be involved.

I am currently the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. In the past I served as a chair for the WSUSA activities team, and have been involved with WSUSA for three years. I am a member of the Weber Entrepreneurs Association (WEA), and have been a member of the Weber Marketing Association and Utah State’s Entrepreneur club in the past. I hold Honors at Weber State, and was recently nominated Man of the Year for the 2015-16 Crystal Crest Awards, Inclusivity Award, and Volunteer Award. I currently serve on the student philanthropy board serving as the marketing chair and have developed a student scholarship called the cat2cat with other students.

I promise experience and a fresh perspective.


Elect Gregory Woodfield for Student Body President.

--- Legislative VP ---

Jeffrey HenryJeffrey Henry

My name is Jeffrey J. Henry! I’m double majoring in Health Administration Services (HAS) with emphasis in Long-Term care along with Bachelors of Integrated Studies (BIS). My three fields of emphasis are Health Administration Services, Women & Gender Studies, and Communications.

Education and Professional Experience:

  • WSUSA Legislative Vice-President (Senate President) (2014-Present)
  • WSUSA Senate Vice-Chair of the Senate (2013-2114)
  • WSUSA Senate African American Senator (2011-2014)
  • WSUSA Senate Internal Affairs Committee Chair (2012-2013)
  • WSU Campus Recreation Committee (2012-2013)
  • Salt Lake Community College Certified, Health Information Technology (2012)
  • A.S. Degree, Maintenance Production Management, Community College of the Air Force (2009)

Professional Activities and Honors:

  • Black Scholars United (BSU) Executive council member (2011-2013)
    To promote leadership and education through economic, social and cultural development of a more ethnically diverse student body within the community
  • WSUSA Lisa Ellis Award for Excellence WSUSA Senate (2015)
  • Most Influential Senator of the Year WSUSA Senate (2013-2014)
  • Purple belt Leadership Award WSUSA Senate (2012-2013)

Platform Statement:

I’m committed to the student body, faculty, and staff of Weber State University. Our university with its open access to all and diversity within our campuses and community requires leadership with an ability to hear, listen, and respond to the needs of the student body (which I’ve done proudly with the help of 22 other senators). I’ve been involved with student government for five years, along with various clubs and organizations, working to maintain the safe academic environment that changes and grows for the better and to meet the needs of you, the Weber State University student. On Senate meeting days, I wear my name badge along with another that says I WORK HERE. Meaning I work as a student advocate for all students on issues that affect Wildcats on and off campus.

I close with a quote from Julia T Wood which encourages me towards my mission as a student, parent, and senate president.

“Active commitment to equality and respect for all forms of people and life, I am against oppression of any form practice against women, men, people with disabilities, and people with specific sexual identities including people race-ethnicities or religions the elderly along with all children.”

--- Programming VP ---

Noor Mouhammad

Noor MouhammadI transferred to Weber State University in 2014, from a small college in Canada. While going to college can be a difficult time, moving away and leaving friends behind can make life even more challenging. For the first year at WSU, I felt lost because I did not know where to meet people. There was not much of a social life on campus, no opportunity to mingle with other singles, and nowhere I knew of to have fun.

If I am elected for Vice President of Activities, I plan on giving students a “traditional” college experience by veering away from the “commuter school” image. I want to increase student involvement on campus and hope to provide YOU the opportunity to create new friendships, share new experiences, and make new memories to look back on.

I plan to create a year that makes you want to come back by bringing out the inner Weber culture that generally gets lost. As Vice President of Activities, I plan to host events that will provide singles with the opportunity to meet others in a safe environment, like speed dating and games nights. In addition, to those couples who are bored with going to movies or Fat Cats, I want to provide fun new date ideas by exposing the hidden gems of Ogden. Also, taking from my experience, I would like to offer students an easier way to develop friendships by organizing scavenger hunts, ladies nights, and various contests.

--- Diversity & Unity VP ---

Hailame KinikiniHailame Kinikini

We as future leaders, live in a society where Diversity is viewed as “political topics” or “subjects”. We’ve heard about Caitlyn Jenner; We’ve read the slogan: “BLACK LIVES MATTER”; We live in a community that practices Religious Freedom; We have a large variety of Ethnic Foods at our disposal. No matter what your experience or background, we all have been exposed to some form of Diversity.

But what do we really know about Diversity? What do we know about these individuals and groups? Have you ever had the chance to meet Caitlyn Jenner and hear her life story? Do we know more about culture other than Café Rio and Panda Express? Do we really understand the “why” behind religious practice?

I do not have all the answers to these questions, but as an individual who is rooted within a Diverse heritage, I want to promote that Diversity is not a topic or subject, but rather; a Lifestyle. I will represent Diversity within Weber State, to promote UNDERSTANDING of ALL Diversity. Join me in fostering an environment that will prepare Weber State students to gain an unmatched, informed understanding that is uncommon among todays society.

As a Diversity VP I will create an atmosphere that will allow others to seek to understand, before they seek to be understood.

We will achieve this by hosting events, activities, socials, and providing resources that will not only inform and educate; but will also engage students with an open environment where honest opinions, questions, and concerns of our students can be shared, HEARD and discussed.

Elect Hailame Kinikini Diversity VP, and let us create a more understood, informed, and harmonious university!

--- Service VP ---

Morgan Gardner

--- Clubs & Orgs VP ---

Marc DeYoungMarc DeYoung

I was born bleeding purple! I am a third generation Weber State Wildcat and proud to be part of such a historic and successful legacy. Having lived my entire life just a few blocks north of campus, I feel that Weber State has always been a part of who I am. From my Grandma being voted “friendliest girl on campus” back in the 1940’s to having cheered my way through the past 23 seasons of Weber State Basketball, the Weber State experience is my experience. I have been fortunate to have always had a connection with this school I love, and my goal is to help every student find that connection with this campus. Investment is bred with involvement and my goal as the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations is to make involvement easy, accessible, and plentiful. I want bring involvement to the students and use my experience as a leader at Weber State to create a culture of community that so many other universities enjoy. For a college experience that is more than just a class, MARK MARC!

--- Leadership VP ---


Landon BickleyLandon Bickley

Que paso, WSU! If you are reading this, first off, this shows that you actually care about the direction of Weber State as a University. Think about it. How many people are going to cruise right on by this week without even glancing over this? So Kudos to you!

When I first joined WSUSA (Weber State University Student Association), I did so as a volunteer. I was receiving no sort of scholarship help from the school or school credit either. I just wanted to do something worthwhile with my time. It seriously has changed my experience here at Weber State. I’m a transfer student from another Utah school, and people will often ask me what I like about Weber as opposed to my last school. My experience has been completely different but way more fulfilling for me. That’s why I’m running for VP of LEADERSHIP. I flippin’ love this school!

You ask anyone about who they admire as a leader, and they’re going to give you a list a mile long of the attributes they wish they had just like their hero. I want to help anyone at Weber State become the leaders they want to be—not what their parents, friends, or bosses expect, but help anyone to step into the shoes they would like to fill.

I want to help others find their inner leaders. If I’m voted as Leadership VP I’ll work closely with WSU to promote and carry out such events as Project LEAD, Growl Conference, and various other leadership-inspired events. I’m also excited to bring my new ideas to the table. I want to bring in leaders from the surrounding community to help train and inspire us!

I would love to sit down and talk with anyone about other reasons why I’m running, but there just isn’t enough space to go into specifics here. Plus, I don’t want to bore you. So find me and let’s talk. Whoever you’re voting for just make sure you vote! That’s what counts. Hasta luego (bye bye).

--- Davis Campus VP ---


Hayley TomneyHayley Tomney

My name is Hayley Tomney and I am running for Davis Campus and Satellite Centers Vice President! I am so excited to be given the opportunity to represent the student body, and the Davis Campus student body in particular.

From the beginning of my academic career, I have been involved with the Davis Campus in multiple ways. I started out working in the testing center as a proctor before becoming a peer mentor through Davis Student Services where I worked for 2 years. Last year I took a position as a service specialist that gave me the opportunity to work with a majority of the Davis Campus students through the information desk, as well as taking a position on the Davis Student Involvement and Leadership board as an event program coordinator. This year I was elected by the student body at the Davis Campus to represent them as a student senator. As my involvement shows, I hold the Davis campus near and dear to my heart. The positions and roles that I have been given at the Davis Campus have helped me to grow as a leader, a student, and as a friend. I've met so many great individuals through these experiences. That is why I would love to continue giving back to the Weber State and the Student body going into this next year.

Since I have gained so much from working with the student body over the years, I am excited to take on the next challenge of Davis and Satellite Centers Vice President.  Working with the Davis Campus student body has resulted in Weber State becoming an integral part of my identity as a student and I would like to continue helping as I near the end of my time at Weber State. By fully committing to the student body, I hope to leave a lasting impression at Weber State and give the students of Davis Campus an opportunity to have a voice in their education.

2016-2017 Legislative Winners

College of Arts & Humanities Senator

Genesis CruzGenesis Cruz

My name is Genesis, I am majoring in Social Work and minoring in Spanish and Family Studies.

Let your words and time be heard at Weber State University!

This year is the year to be heard! As the candidate for the Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities senator, I want to make sure your voice is heard and the cost of tuition is worth it! My goal is to help the students in the college feel welcome and be part of all these amazing activities going on! If elected as your senator, I want to be able to make a difference in your schooling. Break the cycle! To help you change your everyday routine into a lifestyle. Be involved! Join clubs! And make a difference! Let your voice be heard!

Education and Professional Experience:

Professional Activities and Involvement:

College of Business & Economics Senator

Logan GeorgeLogan George

The focus for the platform of my campaign for Student Senate of the Goddard School of Business and Economics will be focused on building opportunity for my fellow students. We probably all know a past graduate or two that has had had trouble finding a job after graduation, or perhaps we know someone that got a job in their desired field of study and decided that it wasn’t what they wanted to do for the rest of their life after all. Maybe even within ourselves we have wondered, “Is this what I really want to be doing every day?” I believe these issues can be improved by having meaningful opportunities before graduation day.

I believe doing more than just going to class while in school is crucial to a student’s success upon graduation. The Business School provides us with great opportunities such as Meet the Firms Night and Business in Industry Night, along with great academic and career advisors to set us up with internship opportunities. I believe that we, as students, have plenty of opportunity to come out of our formal education with all the necessary tools to succeed in the real world. All that we really need to do is to be aware of these opportunities and do what it takes to give ourselves the best chance at success. Based on these observations, I have come up with the following objectives for the 2016-2017 school year:

By focusing on these objectives I believe that each students potential when they leave the university will be greatly enhanced. I am a firm believer that we can all leave Weber State University with limitless opportunities and bright futures.

College of Health Professions Senator

Chelsea BybeeChelsea Bybee

Health professions are the most in demand careers in today’s world, and so is the need for a Health Professions senator for Weber State University!

My name is Chelsea Bybee and I would love to represent you as the returning student senator for the College of Health Professions. A senator’s most important duty is to be the voice of their constituency. I believe in our voice, and as scholars we can make a difference. Being a Health Professions major is tough and I understand the challenges that are brought upon you. The past four years as a student I have spent most of my time focusing on my health profession degree and my involvement with various departments on campus. Having also been the College of Science senator for 2014-2015 as well as the current College of Health Professions senator, I have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to lead a constituency.

My experiences involving various trainings, committees, event coordinating, community outreach and leadership opportunities, as well as diverse staff and student involvement makes me qualified to understand the needs required for the position of Health Professions Senator.

I believe in us and I would like you to believe in me. As students, we underestimate the power we possess to make our college experience and education better. Allow me the opportunity to make a difference and please take a moment to vote!

College of Science Senator


Alexis FriasAlexis Frias

Science is the poetry of reality and science is a way of thinking. My name is Alexis Frias, and I am running for College of Science Student position. I am a senior and majoring in Physics. I have been actively involved at Weber State as a student for a couple of years, participating in multiple organizations such as the Hispanic Area Council, WSUSA Clubs and Organizations and on the WSUSA activities team. During my involvement at WSU, I have had the chance to learn how to be the right kind of leader. I have to work hard and that is what I am planning to do. Through all these experiences I have gained a profound love for Weber State as well as the confidence, I know that I can work to accomplish many great things for you, the College of Science students. Our science departments at Weber State are known for being the best departments in Utah, I would love to help that reputation develop and grow especially with the addition of the new Science Building.

The role of the College of Science senator is to act as a liaison between the College of Science students and the university. If elected, I believe that the College of Science students should be made aware of more opportunities to do research so they may graduate prepared. By providing students with information about different research opportunities it will enrich Weber State’s research culture.

With my leadership & student experiences as well as an understanding of what the College of Science students need, I believe that I can make next year more gratifying experience for everyone. I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent you as the College of Science student senator. Imagine, Invent, Inspire and lets show everyone how great the College of Science is.

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Senator

Parker D. HughesParker D. Hughes

Hello! My name is Parker Hughes and it would be an honor to serve as your voice in the student senate. As a psychology and neuroscience student with a number of connections around campus, I have what it takes to provide the dedicated, strong, and responsive representation sought after by students studying the social sciences.

Over the course of my college career, I have had the opportunity to serve as the chairman of the American Democracy Project and as an executive officer in the honor society, Psi Chi. Through these experiences, I have come to love and understand the diverse values and opinions shared by our campus community. My time here at Weber State has provided me with nothing but good fortune and the ability to achieve a better tomorrow. I would like to promote and ensure that these opportunities are available to all who seek them. From this desire, there is nothing more I’d like to do than support and represent the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

If elected, I would build upon already existing relationships with the departments, clubs, and organizations that make an education in the social sciences so valuable. In doing so, we can further promote student accomplishment, engagement, recognition, prestige, and ultimately, success. As your senator, you can rest assured knowing you will always have a voice at our university. Let’s work together to push into the future with high aspirations and the knowledge that everything is within reach.

I am Parker Hughes and I would be honored to serve as your senator.

Davis Campus Senator

Jessica CairoJessica Cairo

My name is Jessica Cairo and I’m running for Davis Campus Senator. I’m a proud Air Force brat majoring in psychology and I love animals, learning languages, and Japanese culture. I go to school full-time and work two jobs, one on-campus and one off-campus, so I get how hard it can be to survive college. I want to be an example for students that you don’t have to just survive, you can thrive! Weber State is the best decision I have ever made. I was a member of the Davis Programming Board for three years and worked at the front desk and in the computer lab on the Davis campus. On the Ogden campus I’ve worked in the Human Resources office, and in the Foreign Languages Department as a student aide. I have been actively involved in CCEL (Center for Community Engaged Learning), Japan Club, Center for Multicultural Excellence (Asian Area Council), Women’s Center, and Intervarsity. I am currently serving as the Treasurer and Historian for Delta Chi Nu, a philanthropy based sorority, and as a Greek Council Representative for Greek Life. I have had a taste of what Weber can offer, and I hope to use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained to serve the Davis Campus constituency. Davis is my home, and it’s been good to me, so I hope to have the opportunity to give something back. As your Davis Campus senator, I want to hear what you have to say, get new ideas from you, know your questions and concerns, and be your voice in Weber State’s Student Senate. I want you to know that I am here for you. Let’s have a fantastic year together!

Graduate Student Senator

Maria GeorgiouMaria Georgiou

Hello Weber! My name is Maria Georgiou, and I am re-running for Graduate Student Senator for the 2016-2017 year. I’m a Master’s of English student, and I received my Bachelor’s in history in New York and my Bachelor’s in English here at Weber State.  I’m a first generation Greek American and aspire to travel the world teaching English.

I am currently a tutor for the Writing Center and an English Adjunct Professor for the Graduate Teaching Assistant Program. With my experience as a tutor and teacher, I am confident I can continue be a successful senator for my constituency.

As the Graduate Student Senator, I aspire to support, inform, and assist my constituency to ensure that their experiences at Weber State are fulfilling.

Hispanic Senator

Kimberly RodriguezKimberly Rodriguez

I was born and raised in Santa Ana, California which is located in Southern California. The City of Santa Ana is known for its high number of minority townspeople since the majority of the city population is made up of Hispanic or Latino, low income residents. Our city has so much pride in representing its Hispanic culture, but like everywhere, they have a hard time representing its Hispanic college population.

I arrived to Weber State University in the Fall of 2015 in order to pursue a higher education. I am an active member in Weber State’s Hispanic Area Council, which has been a great experience in representing the Hispanic Community. As a Hispanic student, however, I believe there is much more work to be done in order to represent all of our Hispanic community.

I’ve personally experienced challenges a Hispanic student usually has to overcome in order to overcome and pursue a college degree. Hispanic college graduation rates are far below the average graduation rates because Latino students face many factors such as financial costs, poor academic and parental support, and underappreciative feelings that affect, whether or not it will decide their path to higher education. In order to address this issue, I want to create a support system that will fortify new efforts and eliminate these prior factors mentioned, allowing Hispanic students access to academic and financial aid. I am working to greatly influence Hispanic students’ opportunity in obtaining a college degree. With hard work and diligent efforts I am working to mobilize a Hispanic generation of university students in leadership and productive standing to benefit a future society.

Honors/BIS Senator

Zachary BlissZachary Bliss

My name is Zac Bliss and I’m a freshman here at Weber State. I believe I would be good for the BIS Senator for a few reasons. I have had many different leadership experiences throughout my life. I was in the presidency for 3 clubs during my high school career, I was a part of my city’s youth council for a few years, and I currently hold positions in my fraternity. I gave gained a great bank of knowledge from experiencing these different positions. They have taught how to listen to what the people are saying an implementing their ideas into action. I am an organized person and goal oriented. I have been taught well on how to delegate and take command of getting a task done, no matter how big or small.

I chose to join the BIS program so I could mold the best degree to better my future. I realize it will be a lot of hard work, but it will be well worth it. I believe the best way to accomplish any dream is to aim high and shoot for the stars. As a senator, I would be the voice and raise more awareness about this amazing program. We will be heard and will have an impact on this great campus. Let’s leave a legacy for all future BIS students to be proud of.

International Students Senator

Oluwaseun Emmanuel OjomoOluwaseun Emmanuel Ojomo

I, Oluwaseun Emmanuel Ojomo, am pleased to announce my candidacy for the post of International student senator, I come from Nigeria, West Africa. I have a burning desire to represent the international student as the international student senator, I talk with international student everyday about their academics and their successes and problems with school. I have been to the town hall meeting where student have spoken their mind about schooling at Weber and I understand the challenges international students at weber because I am one of them, when the senator post opportunity presented itself, I decided to run for the post of international student senate for 2016/2017 academic year. If you elect me, I will be the be the voice of your interests and also as a representative in the senate house at Weber State University so I can help the student overcome their overwhelming problems with their academics. I am running for this post to make things better for the immediate students and future students.

Here are some important things I will work on with the students if I get elected:

As an aspiring Senator I wish to collaborate with the student body, teaching staff, campus presidency and the surrounding public. Bringing our community and campus together is a great goal we should all be vested in. Removing bias and coming together is one of my goals.

Your vote counts towards the election and the whole future of international student at Weber state university, vote right and we shall be having a great future at Weber.

Non-Traditional Senator

Janis BrancaJanis Branca

Hello! My name is Janis Branca, and I am running for the position of Non-Traditional Senator. Over the last few weeks, I have been taking an informal survey of non-traditional students to hear their opinions on current services, resources available to them, and asking what services they would like to have offered through the Non-Traditional Student Center in the future.

On a personal note, I am a freshman at WSU and a Criminal Justice major. I am married, and have eight children, and seven grandchildren. I have served in leadership positions in Girl Scouts, PTA, and Compassionate Friends. I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, and my animals.

My informal survey pointed out several common concerns among the students I spoke to:

While I was gathering your perspectives on being a non-traditional student, I was able to get to know quite a few of you. Your reasons for coming to Weber were varied, yet there was unity in the desire to gain an education to build a better life for yourselves, and those you love. Your desire to succeed is fueled by strength and determination. I am committed to keeping these lines of communication open and continuing to listen to what you have to say.

If I am elected to serve as Senator, I will be honored to advocate for non-traditional student’s needs and concerns. I want to work with you, and with the student government that represents you, to help you succeed at Weber State University.

Residence Halls Senator

Larissa JironLarissa Jiron

My name is Larissa Jiron and I am a sophomore majoring in communications and minoring in Spanish. I am running for the position of Residence Hall Senator because I love being involved with the university and the residence halls. I am a part of the Resident Hall Association (RHA) and I am a resident assistant (RA) at University Village.

In my experience with WSU student housing, I have attended four housing conferences, three RHA conferences, and one RA conference. Through each, I have gained knowledge and experience that can benefit residents and housing. This knowledge comes in the form of programs and project ideas to increase student wellness and provide a beneficial experience while living in the residence halls.

I am also a member of The Signpost staff, working as a videographer. This position requires me to be updated on various events that are happening at the university. I am able to convey this information to residents and potentially coordinate housing programs with these events. Living in the residence halls is an experience far different than living off campus. While the majority of students leave campus to return home, many do not. Because of this, we, the residents, have different needs. Only roughly 3% of WSU’s students live on campus, but that is still a significant amount of students that deserve a voice in the student senate. As an RA and an experienced member of RHA, I am familiar with resident questions, concerns, and suggestions. If elected, I promise to be an honest voice for my constituents and a devoted representative of WSU.

Traditional Senator

Slim Ben KhalifaSlim Ben Khalifa

My name is Slim Ben Khalifa, I am a Pre-med student. I am running for Tradtional students Senator. I love having fun and meeting new people.

Veteran Senator

David Tomczak

African American Senator

Monica Annoh

Asian Senator

Zoe Hall

College of Applied Science & Technology Senator

Daniel Romero

Pacific Islander Senator

Kambri Broad

Students with Disabilities Senator

Cade Anderson


Senate Vacancies

Athletic Senator

no candidates

American Indian Senator

no candidates

Interested in serving as a WSUSA Senator??? Write-In Candidates Still Accepted! Contact Tara Peris at taraperis@weber.edu for more information


Frequently Asked Questions About Elections

Can anyone run for a student government position?
Yes. However, there are some eligibility requirements that you can read in the elections packet. You must enroll and complete a minimum of 12 credited hours at WSU per semester and pay full-time student fees during your term of office. You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 or higher during your term. Must be in good academic, financial, and judicial standing with the University. And you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

How long do students hold office?
Students hold their positions for the fall and spring semesters. All positions will require summer planning and training hours. Each position has specific job requirements that must be fulfilled. There may also be other functions related to your position in addition to noted requirements. These are to be determined by the position, and more information is provided in the elections packet.

Are there any rules to the signage my campaign can put up?
There usually are rules and regulations to what your campaign can contain, however these differ from year to year, depending on the elections committee and previous years. Before elections begins, the office of student involvement and leadership as well as the elections committee will create a packet of information containing such rules and regulations as well as other campaign information. They will also hold a meeting to discuss candidates concerns.

How do I vote?
Voting takes place through WeberSync, which is easily accessible through any student's eWeber profile.

Why should I vote?
Voting is important for every student. Your student fees help to pay for several seminars, sponsor clubs and organization as well as many other things. By voting and learning about the candidates you can learn and gain a greater understanding of what the candidates believe is best for you. If you have further questions about why you should vote, please pose the question through email, social media, or come stop by!