Business Administration: Finance Emphasis

After studying in the Goddard School's core courses about the various functions in organizations, the student who concentrates in finance learns how to acquire, allocate and control a firm's financial resources efficiently.

A background in finance will prepare the student to:

  • Conduct detailed financial analyses;
  • Relate the financial environment of an organization to the policies that organization will need for optimum returns; and
  • Select and analyze investment opportunities for both individuals and organizations.



Most business and economics courses with numbers above 3000 require prior completion of the "Business Foundations" - ACTG 2010, ECON SS2010, ECON SS2020, IST 2010, and QUAN SI2600. All Accounting courses numbered above 3000 require Business Foundations except ACTG 3110, 3400, and 3500. (Refer to Goddard School of Business & Economics' Requirements.)

Grade Requirements

Candidates for the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees must complete all prerequisite and required business and economics courses with a grade of "C-" or higher. In addition, the overall business and economics GPA must be 2.5 or higher.

Credit Hour Requirements

A total of 120 credit hours is required for graduation -- 60-61 of these are Goddard School requirements, 30 are required within the major, and the balance should be taken outside of the major. The required 40 upper-division credit hours (courses numbered 3000 and above) are included in the Goddard School and major requirements.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance to the John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics is required for all business majors, minors, emphases, and certificates. To be admitted, Finance students must register for and complete BSAD 2899. Students may obtain information regarding admissions from the GSBE Advising Center, WB 211, (801) 626-6534,


Advisement is strongly encouraged for all GSBE majors and minors. See more information on available advising resources.

General Education

Refer to General Requirements for Bachelor of Science requirements. The following courses required for the Finance Emphasis also will satisfy general education requirements: , ENGL 2010 (English Composition); MATH 1050 (Quantitative Literacy); ECON 2010 and ECON 2020 (Social Science); and BTNY 1403 (Life Science).

Course Requirements for Bachelor of Science

  • Liberal Support Curriculum (13 or 14)
  • Business Foundations (13)
  • Business Cross-Functional Core (19)
  • Business Functional Core (15)

Business Courses Required (21 credit hours)

  • IST 3110 Info Technology for Business (3)
  • MGMT 3200 Managerial Communications (3) or NTM 3250 Business Communications (3)
  • ECON 3120 - International Finance and Monetary Systems (3)*
  • FIN 3300 Investments (3)
  • FIN 3350 Financial Institutions (3)
  • FIN 3500 Captial Budgeting (3)
  • FIN 4400 Financial Problems - Corporate Finance (3)
  • FIN 4410 Financial Problems - Investments (3)
*ECON 3120 satisfies the International Course requirement under the Business Cross-Functional Core as well as the Business Courses requirement.

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select three courses:

  • ACTG 3110 Intermediate Accounting I (3)
  • ACTG 3120 Intermediate Accounting II (3)
  • BSAD 4210 Survey of Business Law (3)
  • BSAD 4500 Entrepreneurship (3)
  • ECON 3200 Money & Banking (3)
  • FIN 3400 Real Estate Principles & Practice (3)
  • FIN 3500 Capital Budgeting (3)
  • FIN 4860 Finance Internship (3) 
    or BSAD 4680 Senior Consulting Projects (3)
  • FIN 4990 Special Topics in Finance (3)
  • SCM 3500 Computer Models/Applications (3)
  • SCM 4100 Quality Management and Productivity 3)
  • MKTG 3200 Selling & Sales Management (3)