Credit for Military Training

  • Students who have completed at least 24 months of active military service may be granted a maximum of 10 credit hours. These credits are awarded as 3 credit hours which satisfy general education HLTH SS1030 and 7 elective credit hours.
  • Students who have completed four or more years in the National Guard or a reserve unit will be awarded HLTH SS130 and 7 elective credit hours.
  • Additional credit may be granted for military schooling if specific requirements are met. (Credit is awarded as elective credit.  Student must have 30 WSU credits before credit can be granted.)
  • To receive credit students should submit military form DD-214 and a receipt for the $10 recording fee to the Records Office to start the process.
  • Military credit will be evaluated only if it can be applied to a legitimate undergraduate degree program. Students who already have a bachelor's degree are not eligible for a military credit evaluation.
  • Military credit is added to a student's total credit hours completed, and may reduce a student's eligibility for financial aid.
  • Application for Military Credit for DD124 and ACE/SMART transcripts can be found here.

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