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Grants We Offer

Once approved for a grant students may use their award to cover personal stipend, supplies, equipment, travel expenses, and expenses related to attending conferences, professional meetings, etc. Please read through the following grant types to determine what best fits your need.

Travel to Disseminate Research - Conference Grants
*Students interested in NCUR must submit to OUR before registering.
Travel Grants fund travel-related expenses and registration for students who have been invited to perform or to lead a presentation of their independent scholarly work at a professional or scholarly conference. ($1000 limit)
More information on traveling to disseminate research and conference grants
Download undergraduate application
Download graduate application

Long Term Research Grants
Long-term Grants support substantial, in-depth projects that normally span several semesters or the summer. ($3500 limit)
More information on long term research grants
Download application

Short Term Research Grants
Short-term Grants provide for smaller independent student projects including preliminary or exploratory research and follow-up expenses associated with larger projects.($1000 limit)
More information on short term research grants
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