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Department of English
Weber State University
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Phone: 801-626-6251
E-mail: arts&humanities@weber.edu

What can I do with a degree in English?

An English degree will give you a wide range of career opportunities in teaching, writing and editing, public relations, broadcasting, technical writing, business or government service.

What will I learn?

You will study the English language, its grammar, history and literature. In the process, you'll become a better writer, listener and critical thinker. Class assignments will teach you research skills and how to adapt your writing style for different purposes. Elective courses in poetry writing, literary criticism and children's, regional, or ethnic literature will round out your education and hone analytical skills. No matter what career path you choose, a degree in English will enrich your life with marketable and meaningful skills.

Degrees available:

  • Bachelor's degree (major and minor)
    English majors may choose from two emphases: 
    • Creative writing
    • Professional and technical writing
  • Teaching (major or minor)
  • BIS emphasis

What is the application process?

Although there is no application deadline, we encourage you to apply early and register for classes. Contact the Department of English for specific information or to schedule an advisement time.