Financial Aid & Scholarships

WSU provides more than $90 million in financial aid and scholarships each year. WSU is already among the most affordable universities in the West, and with many scholarship and financial aid options available WSU can make sure a college education is within your reach.

Not all scholarships are based just on grades and test scores. Besides academic-based scholarships and aid, you can also apply for everything from needs-based financial aid for low income students to an activity-based scholarship for being a DJ at WSU's radio station.

No matter what your situation is, be sure to take some time and check out the many different options available to you.


Regardless of your financial situation, the most effective use of your limited resources is to graduate as soon as possible. 15-to-Finish means that taking 15 credit hours each semester helps you finish your bachelors degree in four years, or eight semesters.

WSU also has a tuition plateau from 11-18 credit hours. This means you pay the same amount of tuition and fees if you take 11 credits to 18 credits! So, taking more hours is like getting college credit absolutely FREE!

Return to Weber

For students whose personal circumstances require them to leave for a while or for students who are returning to Weber, be sure to watch our helpful Return to Weber videos.


Attention: Students who drop classes will be required to submit proof of attendance to retain disbursed PELL grant funding. Please contact us if you have questions before you drop.

If you are enrolled in block classes and drop from any of them, your eligibility will be recalculated. This means that you may owe money.

Read more about the Repeat Course Work Policy on our 'About Financial Aid' page.

Gainful Employment Programs

Federal regulations published by the U.S. Department of Education requires that institutions who offer educational programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation disclose specific information to prospective students. This is specifically for educational programs who allow students the option of participation in student financial assistance programs. 

Emergency Care and Rescue 2012-13
Emergency Care and Rescue 2013-14

Game Development 2012-13
Game Development 2013-14

Geomatics - Applied Mapping Sciences 2012-13
Geomatics - Applied Mapping Sciences 2013-14

HAS Health Information Mgmt 2012-13
HAS Health Information Mgmt 2013-14

Health Care Coding Classification 2012-13
Health Care Coding Classification 2013-14

International Business and Economics 2012-13
International Business and Economics 2013-14

Network Management Technology 2012-13
Network Management Technology 2013-14

Network Technologies 2012-13
Network Technologies 2013-14

Professional and Technical Writing Cert. 2012-13
Professional and Technical Writing Cert. 2013-14

Professional Network CISCO Opt 2012-13

Automotive Technology 2013-14


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