Faculty & Staff

Faculty - Position Office  Phone - Email
Jeff Grunow,  MSN, Paramedic
Associate Professor - Chair
Marriott Allied Health Building, Room 409A  (801) 626-6521
Jon Apfelbaum, MD, FACEP
Medical Director
Marriott Allied Health Building, Room 410 (801) 626-6521
William Robertson, MS, NRP
Assistant Professor
Marriott Allied Health Building, Room 413 (801) 626-8705
Staff Office Phone - Email
Robbyn Dunn
Administrative Specialist
Marriott Allied Health Building,
Room 409
(801) 626-6521

Faculty Bios:

Jeff Grunow

I always wanted to do paramedic education ever since seeing “Dixie” on the 1970's television program EMERGENCY. Already active in volunteer Fire and EMS, in 1973 I tested to become a charter National Registry EMT. My medical education was through the nursing route with a BSN from Widener College and MSN from the University of Pennsylvania. Being an emergency nurse and EMT then led me to becoming one of New Jersey’s first Mobile Intensive Care Nurses (MICN) now training the new paramedics. In 1982, the MICN program was retired however New Jersey OEMS and the NREMT allowed the current MICN's a one time offer to test for Paramedic. My career has allowed me to build paramedic programs in Central New Jersey, Eastern Kentucky, Charlotte, NC along with much of the rural intermountain west. I'm currently the EC&R department chair at Weber State University, I’m active as a CoAEMSP site visitor and site visitor trainer. In-between being a paramedic educator. I was privileged to have served 22 years as a flight nurse in the US Air Force Reserve, retiring as a Colonel.

William “Bill” Robertson

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor once said “The secret to a happy life is work worth doing.” I find that happiness in teaching.  After 20 years on the front lines of clinical care, I have devoted my efforts to sharing my knowledge with others.  However, I think most of us can attest that the one with the most experience is not necessarily the most effective teacher.  Recognizing a lack of formal educators in the clinical field, I have focused the latter half of my career on acquiring effective and efficient androgogical methods, with an emphasis on clinical education. I received my bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University in Educational Technology with an emphasis on Training and Development, followed by a masters from Florida Gulf Coast University in Health Science with a focus in Health Professions Education. A marriage of a diverse background in acute and critical care, with a formal education in adult clinical training, I strive to be an ambassador for the progression of the art and science of clinical care, particularly in the areas of education and healthcare policy.