SI Leader Training

SI Calendar Fall 2010

Completion of training will be a major factor in SI leaders status for rehire and eligibility for pay raises. It will also influence letters of recommendation which may be given by the SI Supervisor.

Training Requirements

During the semester, SI leaders will attend eleven SI training sessions including nine group sessions and two individual meetings to discuss strategies that will be helpful in conducting your SI sessions. These sessions will also serve as staff meetings, so bring any concerns or questions. Hours spent at training will be paid time.

Leaders are required to attend all training sessions. If you have an unavoidable conflict and must miss a training session, notify your supervisor in advance to make alternate arrangements. Any missed training must be made up with a supervisor-approved activity (e.g. tutor training, SSS study skills seminar, individual meeting with supervisor).


The concepts covered in training are useful only if they are applied. Therefore, please follow up after each training session by trying out ideas from that training. We will begin the next week’s meeting with a discussion of how useful you found the concepts from the previous week.

Training Times

Training times will be set based on SI leader availability. You may attend training at either the Ogden or Davis campus. All sessions will be similar in content, so you can attend any session in a given week. You can fill in the times below when they are announced:

Ogden Campus time: _______
Davis Campus time: _______


Check your e-mail often, at least once to twice per week. Supervisors will be sending regular reminders of information you may otherwise miss.

Individual Meetings with a Supervisor

Individual meetings with supervisor: Each week, please stop to visit briefly with your supervisor. On weeks when training is not held, plan on having a more extended meeting with your supervisor. These are opportunities to share any concerns and successes as well as generally touch base.

Individual Meetings with Faculty

You are required to meet with your SI faculty member at least once, preferably twice, during the semester. This should be a sit-down meeting in which you get suggestions on material and activities for your SI and give general feedback on students progress with the course material. Fill out the SI Leader/Faculty Discussion Form and turn it in to your supervisor each time you meet.

Peer Observations

You will observe an experienced SI leader at your convenience sometime during week 7, 8, or 9. Complete the "SI Peer Observation Form" and bring it to training on week 10 when we will discuss the observations.

Supervisor Observations

Several times during the semester your supervisor will visit your SI session. Please schedule a short meeting to discuss the observation within 48 hours after a visit.


Week Begin Date Agenda
1 8/23 Distribute and tally surveys. Ask supervisor to get rooms. Meet with faculty member and complete Discussion form by week 3 for discussion during training.
2 8/30 Training: Marketing Your SI/Resources and Referrals (Loeffel). Begin SI sessions.
3 9/7 Training: Group Learning (Loeffel)
4 9/13 Training: Questioning Techniques (Reddy)
5 9/20 Training: Listening (Reddy)
6 9/27 Training: Combating Test Anxiety (Loeffel)
7, 8, or 9 -- Complete peer observation. Fill out observation form.
7 10/4 Training: Explanation Activity (Reddy)
8 10/11 Training: SI leader presentation. Be prepared to share an activity you have used in your SI (10-15 minutes)
9 10/18 Training: SI leader presentations, continued.
10 10/25 Training: Discussion of Peer Observations (bring completed form). Program Evaluation ad Self-Evaluation. Meet with faculty member and complete Discussion Form by week 12 for discussion in meeting with supervisor.
11 11/1 Training: Individual meeting with your supervisor.
12 11/8 Training: Individual meeting with your supervisor.
13-15 -- Meet briefly with supervisor each week. End-of-semester surveys given to students.
Thanksgiving Break
Finals Week 12/6 SI sessions held at leader's discretion.