’Catapult Scholarship, ‘Powerful Motivation’

When President Mortensen announced the ’CATapult scholarship at his inauguration, he had no way of knowing the increased need students would soon experience as lives were upended with a global pandemic.
’CATapult is intended to provide an energetic, upward burst of momentum for students who are nearing graduation but without the means to continue.
Recipients’ heartfelt thank you letters to donors attest to the need and the gratitude.
Within the first few months of its creation, 237 students have received a total of $256,037, mostly for the summer semester 2020.
“Thank you so much for your kindness, and generosity,” a grateful student wrote. “I had no idea how I was going to pay for my last semester of school! You are truly a blessing! I would not be able to finish my degree without you! Because of your generosity, I can now make a difference in young troubled youth’s lives.”
The university hopes to raise $10 million dollars to create a lasting, meaningful endowment to inspire future Wildcats in their education pursuit.
“I’ve been 82% finished with my degree for almost two years,” a recipient reflected. “I took a short break, which turned into a moderate break, which then nearly became an indefinite break. I lost momentum. Your donation is powerful motivation.”