Winter 1997, Volume 14.1


Arthur R. Adelmann

Arthur Adelmann (M.A., UC Berkeley; M.F.A., Utah State University) is a painter and Professor of Visual Arts at Weber State University. He has exhibited his work in Leipzig, Zürich, Munich, Lüneburg, Hamburg, Selles-sur-Cher, Moulin du Theil, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and many locations along the Wasatch Front. He is the first honorary member of the Leipzig Bureau of Culture (1996) and received Le Mérite Artistique Européan France award from the Sixth Salon of Painting and Sculpture in St. Aignan-sur-Cher (1995).

Abstract painting using vivid reds, greens, and yellow.

Technological Explosion. 1995. Watercolor.


Abstract painting in brown tones and black.

Figure 1: Marcel Duchamp, The King and the Queen Surrounded by Swift Nudes,
1912, oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Louise and Walter
Arensberg Collection (Photo: Philadelphia Museum of Art).


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