Senior Interior Design Portfolio Exhibit

WSU Shepherd Union Gallery Presents a virtual gallery of Weber State's Senior Interior Design Students' work. Coming soon, watch a pre-recorded video of the students discussing their portfolios and any posted work.

Alnajjar, Shahinaz

"Hope Of Life Clinic"

Bouchard, Mallory

"The Maeser Foundation"

Call, Sandra

"Salty Digs"

Cox, Paige

"Family United - A Retreat for Deaf Families"

Esplin, Margaret

"Buchanan House - Youth Center"

Halls, Esther

"Carpenter - Salt Lake City Rapid Rehoming Community"

Jenson, Lia

"Accretio - Women's Center"

Johnson, Savannah

"Yellow Lotus - House of Hope"

Knudson, Destiny

"Performing Aid Foundation"

Lenox, Carter

"The North Edge"

Plowman, Kylee

"People Helping People"

Sewell, Carly

"Safe Harbor Center"

McCall, Soifua

"Rise & Shine Center"

Spjut, Trisity


Wright, Kimberly

"Clear Thinking"

Young, Kallianne

"Mahali - Center for Women & Children"