Denis Petersen: Navigating Excellence in Project Management

Denis PetersenWith 25 years of project management experience and a profound commitment to empowering individuals, Denis Petersen is an expert in his industry and the dynamic force behind Weber State University’s Advanced Project Management Certification program in collaboration with Petersen Training. 

Petersen has eight years of service in the U.S. Army, where he was responsible for designing and building hospitals. This foundation led Petersen to a doctorate in engineering management. He then went on to pursue course development and delivery for several universities and multiple publications. 

Through this experience, Petersen cultivated the skills and discipline that laid the groundwork for his passion: helping others excel. “Every day is a moment that helps me want to continue because I’m working with great people and helping others achieve their goals.” 

Petersen believes an essential part of project management is translating technical jargon and making complex concepts accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds. He sees application for project management beyond the professional realm and encourages students to use these skills in their personal lives.

Petersen Training has worked with various communities, from the largest shipbuilding company in the United States to scrapbooking companies. “The environment and the application are always different, and so I love that aspect of what we do,” said Petersen. 

With a legacy defined by innovation, global reach and a commitment to simplifying complexity, Denis Petersen continues to shape the landscape of project management education.