The Advanced Project Management Certificate: Beyond Certification, Toward Mastery

The Advanced Project Management Certificate: Beyond Certification, Toward Mastery

When it comes to project management, Petersen Training didn’t want to stop at the gold standard. Yes, the Project Management Professional® certification sets the bar high within the field, demonstrating that you know your stuff and offering a chance for advancement. But how do you set yourself apart from people with that same certification? 

Enter the Advanced Project Management Certificate (APMC). In addition to the four-day PMP® course, taught by certified professionals, Petersen’s full APMC goes beyond test preparation and into real-time application and deep understanding. First, you can enroll in Project Management Fundamentals, a fully online course that enables you to go at your own pace and take as long as a year to complete it. That course employs Project Management Institute (PMI)® principles to empower you to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project. 

With foundations acquired, applying knowledge is the next step. For real-world application, nothing quite replaces an in-person experience. Petersen offers two in-person simulations: Guiding Organizational Change and the Project Management Training Camp. In the former, you will learn to guide a team through the distress that comes with major organizational changes. In the latter, you examine managing complex projects and hone your foundational skills. Cap that off with the four-day PMP® prep course, and pass the test. Not only could you be certified, you’ve got the applications and knowledge to succeed beyond the test. 

The APMC is eligible for Air Force and Army COOL funding. The price for the full certificate is $1,150 less than if you were to take all components on their own.

“Project management training and certification is a direct benefit to any military organization or work center, and it’s also a resume builder to a military member,” said Bill Bialcak, PMP, with Petersen Training. “Military members also learn the language that is used in the private sector. The transitioning military professional can gain the ability to explain and package what they did in uniform in a way that is understood in the civilian job market.” 

To learn more about the APMC and Petersen, visit the certificate’s web page