Meeting Workplace Data, Safety and Language Needs

Beth Rhoades

At our core, Weber State University Professional Development is dedicated to serving the needs of our region. In this issue of The Spark, we’d like to tell you three unique ways in which we’re doing just that. 

First, I wanted to share a unique opportunity to learn about information security, and why it’s not just for information technology professionals. The Western States Data Security Summit, coming Sept. 28, will answer questions on how to keep your organization secure. 

Next, you will find out about an exciting area that WSU is now overseeing: workplace safety. The Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational & Environmental Health (RMCOEH) has been providing outstanding education in workforce safety for many years. With Weber State now overseeing the center’s continuing education offerings, your employees can take courses to stay safe and compliant. Learn more about RMCOEH Continuing Education Director Kirk Godfrey’s vision in this issue. 

Lastly, you can learn how WSU is helping an area business remove a particular barrier to promotion: a language barrier. 

We hope our next partnership involves you! Reach out at any time to discuss the potential for partnerships or look at our current offerings.

Beth Rhoades, Executive Director of Programs
Division of Online & Continuing Education