Current Careers, Future Careers and Upcoming Mandates

Beth Rhoades

A great test for the value of an education is how quickly it comes in handy. In Ben Smith’s case, Weber State University’s virtual MBA program started paying off even before he graduated. Read more about his story in this issue of The Spark

While Ben enhanced his current career through Weber State, others pieced together a potential new career path with WSU’s Components of Composites course. Find out how a partnership between Weber State, Davis Technical College and the Hill Aerospace Museum really brought the world of composites together for 10 students. 

Finally, if your business contracts with the federal government, or might, get ready! A big shift in information security mandates is on the horizon, and it will affect eligibility for contracts. Learn about the change and what WSU is doing to help. 

With summer on the horizon, we hope you can take advantage of new energy and guide your profession and business into new, exciting directions. Further, we hope to help along the way!

Beth Rhoades, Executive Director of Programs
Division of Online & Continuing Education