Creating Fairness & Equity

Beth RhoadesDear Community Member,

If you’re an employer wanting to shore up your workforce during a time of difficult hiring, it may be time to look beyond pay and consider how your employees are treated.

It’s not that fairness and equity in the workplace didn’t matter before, it’s just that workers now have the upper hand. If you’re not fair, your workers could go elsewhere. In this issue of The Spark, we’ll look at ways to examine the fairness and equity of your workplace, and how to take steps toward being more fair and equitable. We'll also look at the difference between equity and equality. (There is one!)

Also in this issue, you’ll learn about WSU’s Aerospace Management Certificate, and we’ll tell you about a community partner who’s made a big difference by leading Hill Air Force Base members to degrees.

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Spark, and have a great week. It’s only fair!

Very sincerely,
Beth Rhoades
WSU Executive Director of Programs