Hey, Partner. Let’s Team Up to Empower People

Dear Community Member,

You know how much COVID-19 has changed work over the past year. Now imagine that you haven’t worked for the past five years and are now looking to return to the workforce. What a jarring experience that would be! The work world would almost be unrecognizable. Sure, video conferencing and digital fluency have been important pieces of the workforce for some time, but they reached pervasive levels in 2020-21.

Weber State is working to bridge big knowledge gaps, and we need your help. We are building short-term, non-credit courses to help individuals return to the workforce after a long time off. In addition, we’re looking to teach some overlooked skills that enable people to succeed (and enable their bosses to manage less). We need industry partners like you to get it right, though. Together, we can make this a win/win. We help our community re-enter the workforce, you get more qualified applicants for your entry-level positions.

In this special issue of The Spark, dedicated to forming partnerships to get people back to work and trained up, we’re asking for your help. Read more details below.

In addition, learn how WSU helps Hill Air Force Base train their employees on some tricky topics.

Very sincerely,

Beth Rhoades
WSU Professional Development Director