Looking Ahead to a Post-Pandemic Work World

Beth RhoadesDear Community Member,

With vaccinations rolling out now, there’s a glimmer of hope that COVID-19 will one day be in the rearview mirror. Even if that’s true, though, it doesn’t mean that the work world is going to go back to pre-pandemic. Whatever office we go back to (if we go back), it’s going to be different. That’s for sure.

We’ve asked some faculty members at WSU’s Goddard School of Business & Economics to offer their thoughts on what a post-COVID work world might look like. Read their thoughts on where we’re headed in this issue of The Spark.

In addition, we’re continuing an opportunity for moms to join that new world through developing tech skills through a Tech-Moms partnership. The application is due soon, so don’t delay! Read more in this issue.

Finally, we’ll share what we learned from Learn & Work, a partnership between WSU and the State of Utah to help people deal with the effects of COVID on their work lives. We learned a lot, and we’re excited to take that knowledge and run with it. Run with us by seeking a partnership.

Very sincerely,
Beth Rhoades
WSU Professional Development Director