Even Now, We Can Learn and Grow

Beth RhoadesDear Community Member,

It’s hard to describe life lately, but some immediate, honest words that come to my mind are: terrifying, exhausting and disruptive. All of our lives changed dramatically in just a few weeks. My team, for instance, had just created our inaugural professional development newsletter, called The Spark. Before I could send it, COVID-19 precautions stopped us in our tracks, forcing us to adopt new lifestyles and working environments filled with unfamiliar technology, like Zoom and Google Hangouts.

But we have to keep moving forward. I, for one, am ready to forge ahead. For me that means keeping my mind active, and my hopes up. I want the same for you. Together, let’s set a goal to look back on this month and describe it as a time of learning, reflection and self-care. We can start by taking the time to work on our skills or picking up something new. My advice: Don’t be afraid. Just try. Explore. We are all in this together.

Beth Rhoades

WSU Professional Development Director