Junior Garcia

My name is Junior Garcia, I am currently a student at Weber State University finishing my Bachelors of Integrated Studies in Building Design & Construction. I joined the group a little late so I do not have an official title as to what my position in the team is but I help out in whatever is needed. I currently work for a commercial general contractor in the estimating department. Once I graduate I would like to like to focus my career in estimating and eventually one day become a chief estimator. One of the main reasons why I got into construction was because I used to watch Treehouse Masters and renovations shows on TV as a child. Seeing people tear down walls and reconstruct a home got me thinking “Wow that looks like fun!” so I became a construction worker straight out of high school. Once I found out there were possible careers in construction I knew I had to go into it.

The best thing about construction in my opinion is that there is a sense of pride knowing that you were part of something much bigger than yourself. Whether you are designing, constructing, estimating, or managing a project knowing that you will be part of something that will last decades or possibly centuries, that can leave someone memorized, in wonder and inspired, and that can possibly become part of history for future generations to learn about is what makes this all worthwhile.