Dallin Barton

Dallin is a dedicated member of the WSU Solar Decathlon team. As a construction manager in the commercial construction industry, he brings both experience and knowledge to the team to keep the project moving smoothly and to ensure timely delivery of the project. As an involved construction industry professional, he recognizes the importance to support and develop building and construction activities that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

When asked why he joined the project team he responded “I enjoy construction, not only is it fun to see a structure go up and become a work of art but I love working as a team to accomplish something that no one person on the team could accomplish by themselves. There are hundreds of people who will have helped plan and built this home by the time it’s finished. To help coordinate such an effort is exciting. It will allow a lot of people to see how easy and inexpensive it can be to build a net-zero or even a net positive home.”

As a senior at Weber State University, Dallin is studying Construction Management, Business Administration, and Building Design. He expects to graduate in August of 2020.