Which decade will donate the most?

Thank you to some of our early change-maker contributors: 

Randy McCoppin ‘89
Anonymous ‘98
Tom Stackaruk ‘97
Joseph Davis ‘00
Kirk Johnson ‘02
Stuart Clark ‘04
Rhett Millard ‘03
Mikelle Barberi-Weil ‘Faculty
Dan Litchford ‘Retired Faculty
Jo Ellen Jonsson ‘Faculty
Dr. Steven Eichmeier ‘Faculty
Desiree Cooper-Larsen ‘Faculty
Velton Casler ‘Faculty
Tim Border ‘Faculty
Carl Grunander ‘ Retired Faculty

How to donate

Our Senior Development Director, Kelly Stackaruk can answer any questions you may have about donating.  

You can reach her at 801.626.6978 or kstackaruk@weber.edu