The students in our program will enjoy the privilege of using the excellent teaching and learning facility of the Weber State University Electronic Piano Laboratory: 

• Yamaha DC6M4PRO Disklavier PRO Grand Piano, which can be used for performance/composition playback and long-distance learning, as well as rehearsal/performance of concerti with music software instrumental accompaniment.

• 12 Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos and a Teacher Station, for large or small group instruction and individual communication between the teacher and the students. (The Clavinova can record, orchestrate, and sequence musical compositions and performances. It also provides fun rhythmic background for enjoyable performances and practices.) 

• State-of-the-art touch panel computer projector system, high-tech document camera for instant teacher demo playing, and Saber VDO 360 HD video recording device for class presentations and group piano teaching. 

• MacBook Pro computer at the teaching station