Beginning and Transfer Students


To provide each child a more successful music experience in piano study, a placement audition and a music aptitude assessment, to determine the level of readiness and class placement, will be given to all new and transfer students on August 23-24, 2023.

The first year students will be assessed on readiness for piano study in the following areas: singing, rhythmic response, attention span, listening skills, level of physical coordination and small muscle control.

The interview for transfer students will assess sight reading skills, rhythmic response, basic music theory, technique, and performance of one or two repertoire pieces.

The audition will be conducted in a friendly, informal manner. No preparation for first year students is necessary for the audition. Schedule a convenient time for your child’s interview as soon as possible. For further information about the placement interview and registration, call the Program Director, Dr. Yu-Jane Yang, (801-626-7489) or the Assistant Director, Laurisa Cope, (801-833-6169).