WSU Piano Preparatory Program

Music learning is one of the best ways to integrate the physical, mental and emotional development of human beings. The goal of our program is to provide our piano students with systematic piano instruction designed to develop well-balanced musicianship. We strive to establish a solid musical foundation through each student's piano study to enable them to become musically independent and be able to continue their lifelong learning and involvement in music. 

WSU Piano Preparatory Program has a dual-mission: (1) to serve as a training lab for WSU students majoring in Keyboard Performance and Keyboard Pedagogy to develop their piano teaching skills and to gain hands-on practicum teaching experiences in both group instruction and private lesson settings under regular university piano faculty supervision; and (2) to provide high quality but affordable piano instruction for pre-college students (ages 6 to 18) and interested adult students in our community.

WSU Piano Preparatory Program supports the core mission of Weber State University by giving access and opportunity for high quality piano instruction to all interested children and adults in our community, nurturing the music potential within every individual, and broadening the knowledge and teaching competency of WSU piano intern student teachers through engaged and personalized experiences carefully structured and supervised by the university piano faculty.

WSU Piano Preparatory Program serves as an excellent national model of piano teaching and learning that fosters creativity, comprehensive piano skills, meaningful musical experiences and a sense of belonging through systematic and sequential music study given by skillful piano instructors associated with the university.