ELW 2024 A Day at the Office

Introducing the Employee Learning Week water cooler sessions!


This year, we are making space to connect and enjoy one another outside of the office. At each water cooler you'll get drink refreshments, take part in the games, or just sit and visit and take a break. Each water cooler goes from 11am to 1pm, so drop by anytime. 

Additionally, you'll have the chance to collect stickers from each station and our trivia/mocktails hour on Friday. Stickers are first come-first serve and are designed to go on your ELW water bottle! Be sure to collect all seven!

Check out the daily schedule below for the water coolers and register on Training Tracker!

TUESDAY, March 5: Employee Wellness Annex

WEDNESDAY, March 6: The Welcome Center (same building as Outdoor Rec)

THURSDAY, March 7: Digital District - Lampros Hall

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