Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

"A circumstance in which an individual's capacity to make an impartial of unbiased program review decision may be affected because of prior, current, or anticipated program affiliation(s), other significant relationship(s), or association(s) with the program under review."

 The following are examples of affiliations, relationships, or other associations that should be disclosed:


Employee, former employee, board member, appointee, consultant, or graduate.

Other significant relationships:

Affiliation with another program which is a member of a consortium or has a substantial cooperative or contractual agreement with the program under review.

Affiliation with a program competing directly with the program under review.

Having a close relative affiliated with the program under review.

Sought or seeking a position with the program under review.

Other associations:

Knowledge or personal interest concerning the program under review from whatever source, including competitive geographical proximity, which might prejudice decision-making.