Nonresident Classification for Tuition Purposes

Who is a resident and who is a nonresident for tuition purposes at WSU?

Utah Resident (must meet all criteria)
Nonresident  (any of the following would classify a student as a nonresident)                                                                                          
 - is a US citizen or permanent resident alien  - not a US citizen or permanent resident alien
 - is currently residing in Utah for at least one year continuously or is returning to Utah from a temporary absence (religious, military, etc)  - has not resided in Utah for the last 12+ months
 - Has documentation proving intent to reside permanently in Utah (Utah drivers license, Utah tax return, Utah vehicle registration, etc)  - has none of the mentioned documentation
 - if claimed as a dependent on taxes, it would need to be by someone who is a Utah resident  - is claimed as a dependent on taxes by someone outside Utah

Residency decisions are made based on information provided on the admissions application.  Students who have been classified as nonresidents may apply to be reclassified if they feel they meet the criteria necessary for resident status. For full details of the provisions under which a student may qualify for resident status or to apply for resident status go to

Resources for US citizen & permanent resident students from outside Utah

 - Scholarships: WSU offers several scholarships to reduce nonresident tuition, click here.
 - Federal Financial Aid: FAFSA offers aid in the form of grants, loans and workstudy.  For more information click here.

Non-citizen resources
Students who are not US citizens can absolutely pursue a degree at WSU but are not eligible for institutional scholarships and Federal Financial Aid.  However, WSU has a few options to make getting a degree at WSU more affordable.

Utah House Bill 144 - If you have lived in Utah for 3 or more years, attended high school in Utah for 3 or more years, and graduated from a Utah high school or equivalent program, you may be eligible for the lower resident tuition rate.  Fill out the form found here and submit it to the WSU Admissions Office with an official (sealed and unopened)  copy of your high school transcript showing your graduation date.

Additionally, there are scholarships available nationally that don't require US citizenship.  Here are links to a few resources you may find useful (not affiliated with or endorsed by WSU):

 - MALDEF Scholarship listings
-  Fastweb Scholarship Search