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Know up front what it will take to pursue your ever upward journey. In addition to information regarding tuition assistance and financial aid.

  • MHA (On Campus) 

    Estimated tuition: $25,000 for the entire
    4-semester program.

    MHA Application








  • eMHA (Online) 

    Flat rate tuition: $35,000 for the entire 4-semester program. 

    The eMHA tuition includes all books and materials needed for each course in the program. Books and materials will be mailed to each student at the beginning of each semester. See our cost comparison.

    eMHA Application





  • Additional Information

    Tuition rates for both programs are based on specified course sequencing to complete the degree in 4 semesters, and the most recent Tuition & Fee Tables. Rates may change without notice.

    Tuition is not higher for non-resident students. 
    Non-resident students can receive a scholarship waiver to cover the non-resident portion of their tuition.

    Graduate student aid can be a combination of loans or scholarships.  Studentaid.gov is a great information resource on federal financial aid programs. 

    Financial Aid is available through the WSU Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

apply, visit, call or email—get the info you need today