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The healthcare industry thrives on the dedication and expertise of all different kinds of leaders, many who have pursued a Master of Health Administration degree. Here, we’ll delve into the experiences and insights of alumni, current students, faculty, instructors and many others who are making a remarkable impact in healthcare organizations. Whether you’re a current student seeking guidance, an aspiring healthcare leader considering a Master of Health Administration program, or simply someone interested in the evolving healthcare industry, this podcast is for you.

We believe that the voice of many holds the key to understanding the transformative potential of healthcare administration.


Episode 1

Strapped to a tractor seat with a rope as a seatbelt, 11-year-old Steve Bateman didn’t see himself as a future hospital CEO, or even an executive in residence at Weber State University. What he did see was his grandfather’s straight furrows, painstakingly weeded fields and other forms of carefully calculated excellence. In essence, what Steve saw in the dirt and dust of his grandfather’s farm was a foundation of leadership skills that would help Steve overcome setbacks and succeed in a fast-evolving industry with little to no margin for error.

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