Alumna Spreads the Word, Knowledge Through Marketing

Danielle Wilcox, MHA 

Before joining Weber State’s eMHA program, Danielle Wilcox already knew that the quality of mentorship she would receive would be high. The program’s executive in residence, Steve Bateman, was once her boss. As the CEO of St. Mark’s Hospital, Bateman was Wilcox’s direct supervisor. Under his guidance, she quickly learned that her job as a marketing and communications professional was to educate.
By creating high-quality content and communication, she and her team were indeed helping patients learn and make more informed decisions.

Since then, and after earning a master’s degree from the eMHA program, she has continued to embrace that educational calling. Now the assistant vice president of marketing operations and communications for HCA Healthcare, she often has an “entourage” of interns from institutions including Weber State.
 “HCA healthcare has a culture in investing, developing and mentoring others,” she said. “I discovered that’s something that I absolutely love.”
Her responsibilities include overseeing marketing and communications for hospitals in Utah, Idaho and Alaska. At her level, it pays to have connections, and Wilcox made plenty during her time in the eMHA program. There, she said she learned from colleagues and competitors alike in a safe environment, where they could interact as healthcare professionals above all else.
The other thing she gained from Weber State’s eMHA program? As a working wife and mother, she discovered she could indeed further her education despite other demands. It required starting school at 5 a.m., but she did it. She now has a mentorship message for others in a similar situation.
“You just prioritize, you remain focused, and you can do it,” she said.