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Weber State University students may complete both the Master of Health Administration and Master of Business Administration programs at the same time, earning both degrees in much less time than it would take to pursue them individually.



  • Learn from our experienced instructors who thoroughly understand the industry
  • Our graduates report high rates of satisfaction with the curriculum and program
  • Discover what a valuable resource you can be by improving the health and healthcare of your community
  • The MHA program is accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education


The dual MHA and MBA program focuses on leadership and management skills in the healthcare industry. Through this program, you'll learn the foundations of:

  • Management and leadership
  • Finance and accounting
  • Healthcare ethics and law
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Quality and performance improvement
  • Population health
  • Healthcare information technology
  • Human resources

  • Critical thinking

View the complete list of course requirements below.


With a MHA/MBA degree you will achieve a wide variety of leadership opportunities, including positions in these areas of healthcare:

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Facility management
  • Health law
  • Information technology management

  • Hospitals

  • Physician practices and ambulatory care

  • Nursing home and long-term care organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Community service organizations



discover the information you need to know for this dual program 

  • Details

    You must choose either the MHA or the MBA as your primary degree, which determines the number of courses taken in each program:

    • With the MHA as your primary degree, you would take an additional 33 credit hours (11 courses) to complete the MBA.
    • With the MBA as your primary degree, you may complete the MHA with 30 additional credit hours.


    You may simultaneously pursue coursework in both programs. 

    If you successfully complete the course requirements in both programs, you will receive two separate degrees (MBA and MHA), and may file for graduation from one program before completing the course requirements in the other.

    Below are the course requirements for each as a primary degree.





  • How to Apply

    You can now apply to both programs through a single online application.

    Please note the following when applying to the MBA/MHA dual-degree program:

    Although there is one joint application form, applicants are admitted separately to each program at different times. Applicants may be admitted to the MBA program 4 times per year (March 1, June 1, September 1, and November 1 deadlines).

    For more information on the MHA program, visit our Master of Health Administration page. For more information on the MBA program, visit weber.edu/mba.

    • The MHA program admits applicants once per year (April 1 deadline).
    • Dual-degree applicants admitted to the MBA program in June, September, or November will not be considered for admission to the MHA Program until the following April.
    • The online application will prompt you to choose either the MBA or the MHA as your primary degree.
    • If admitted, you will be matriculated with the major degree code of your primary degree choice, and the other will be listed as your secondary degree.
    • All paper application materials (transcripts, GMAT, GRE scores), questions and communications should be directed to the office of your preferred primary degree program (MBA or MHA—the addresses for each are listed below).
    • There is a single non-refundable application fee of $90 for the dual-degree application.




before you begin, get to know what courses will be required for this degree  


The MBA program has prerequisites. If you're planning on listing MBA as your primary degree, check with MBA beforehand to make sure your prerequisites are met. 


* If you have a record of convicted criminal actions, it may affect your ability to complete the Master of Health Administration program and future employment opportunities. Additionally, all applicants may be required to complete a drug screening prior to participating in MHA 6500 Field Work. If a background check reveals a history of convicted criminal actions or the drug screen reveals the presence of a non-prescribed controlled substance, then you may be unable to complete the program and will not be entitled to any refunds of tuition dollars or other fees.  

Great care is in demand. Be Brilliant.

meet with our advisor and get started today! 

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We are here to help you! If you have questions or are interested in learning more about our MHA/MBA program, please connect with us today and start pursing your dream tomorrow! 

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Brittney Hicken M.Ed

Recruiting/Enrollment Director 
MHA/eMHA Program Advisor


Interprofessional Education Building, 212



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