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Each year, we measure the effectiveness of our program as shown by student achievement: graduation rates and employment rates. 

We want to ensure that our program is not only meeting accrediation and education standards, but that we are also providing our students with successful outcomes. This is your education, your time and your money, know that with us, it will be put to good use. 

  • Graduation & Employment

    Of the students who graduated in 2023, 98% had jobs in healthcare at the time of graduation. 

    Of the combined 2023 MHA and eMHA cohorts, students who entered the programs in 2021, had a 99% completion rate.


  • Salary & Job Outlook

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the following for medical and health service managers:

    • US 2022 median wage: $104,830 ($50.40 per hour)
    • Number of jobs, 2022: 509,500

    Look ahead, according to the Utah Salary & Employment:

    • Job outlook for 2021-2031 has a growth rate of 28%

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