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Master of Health Administration 



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We recommend maintaining contact with our advisor throughout your course of study to stay on track for graduation.


  below are commonly asked program questions, but don't hesitate to ask us a few more 

Is the Executive MHA program and Weber State University accredited?
Yes, both of our formats, including the online Executive MHA are fully accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Accreditation through CAHME is the benchmark for students and employers that ensures the integrity of graduate healthcare management education. 

Do you offer an online option?
Yes, the Executive MHA is offered in a fully online format.

When and where is the orientation for the Executive MHA format?
The orientation will be held virtually for the each cohort.

How much does the Executive MHA program cost?

The entire program cost is $35,000. Tuition includes all books needed for each class. All books will be mailed to students each semester. Compare our cost with top CAHME accredited schools throughout the nation. Weber State’s MHA program is the most affordable CAHME-accredited program in the nation.

How long is the program?
The program can be completed in 4 semesters. Students do not attend during the summer semester between years. However, study abroad is offered every other year in May as an option to fulfill an elective.

How many classes would I take each semester?

Students take 4 classes per semester, 2 classes at a time in 8-week blocks. Each class is 3 credit hours. The entire program consists of 15 required classes, with a total of 45 credit hours. Courses are offered in the Fall and Spring semester with Summer off. 
Course Schedule

What entrance exam do I need to take? 
GRE or GMAT scores are not required to apply. Applicants with less than 5 years of healthcare or supervisory experience, lower GPA, and lack of quantitative undergraduate courses, are encouraged to submit a GRE or GMAT scores to strengthen their application. 
What is the difference between the Executive MHA and regular MHA?
The main difference is the format of the program. The Executive MHA is delivered in an online format, and the regular on-campus MHA is delivered as a hybrid format where students meet two times per week at the WSU Farmington Station campus in Farmington, Utah. The Executive MHA online format is designed for those students who may not live near our campus and need the flexibility of online coursework.

Can you tell me about the professors who teach the program?

All of the professors who teach in our program either hold a doctorate degree and/or are seasoned executives in the healthcare industry. They bring a great wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom.



our advisor is here to help you, connect frequently and often for all your program needs 

  • Brittney Hicken

    Recruiting/Enrollment Director
    MHA/eMHA Program Advisor


    Interprofessional Education Building 
    Room 212



  • About Brittney

    Brittney Hicken is a Wildcat through and through. She earned her undergraduate degree and her Master of Education degree at Weber State University. 

    Brittney understands the importance of education and how it can change lives. Her focus is helping students through their educational experience to earn their degree and better their own lives and the lives of others. 

    When she's not helping students, she enjoys doing DIY projects and spending time with family.

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