Poetry in (e)motion


In Fall Semester 2023, English instructor Sunni Wilkinson and Performing Arts professor Francesca Mintowt-Czyz created an opportunity for their students to collaborate on a visual poetry project.

Sunni's Intro to Creative Writing students wrote abstract poems as one of their final projects, and Francesca's Voice and Movement students selected one of those poems that spoke to them in some way and created a personal interpretation to that poem that engaged in sound and movement. The performing arts students also recorded each interpretation and Francesca then compiled them into a video sequence. Then Sunni and Francesca chose those videos that they felt were the strongest in both their creativity and connection.

This final video, titled "Poetry in (e)motion" highlights the following work: "Home" written by Jessica Guinan, music and performance by Audree Clark, filmed by Braxton Burton and Hannah Archibald; "Obsession" written by Reagan Lee and performed by Simon L. Bott; and "Trichitillomania" written by Sarah Weller and performed by Bee Higgins.