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Studying Web & User Experience at Weber State

Weber State’s web and user experience program prepares students with a passion for web development and design for careers creating responsive and accessible websites.

Web & User Experience Highlights

Weber State’s web and user experience classes focus on industry standard web programming languages and frameworks with integration of responsive and accessible design principles, database integration, and multimedia creation and editing tools. Classes are also offered online.

Beyond the Classroom

Web and user experience majors gain practical experience through internships, working with community partners, including nonprofit organizations, to build and maintain websites.

What You’ll LEARN at Weber

The first two years of the program focus on front-end web design and development stack, basic coding languages and other fundamentals for creating responsive, great-looking web pages.

As you continue toward your bachelor’s degree, you’ll learn back-end web development stack, which establishes the framework for servers, web applications and databases to communicate with each other.

You’ll also learn server-side languages and tools, including PHP, Java, MySQL and MS SQL Server.

What You CAN DO After Weber

With your bachelor’s degree, you’ll be qualified for front-end web designer/developer and full-stack web developer roles. If you have questions, contact a WSU Career Advisor.

Faculty Perspective

  • Richard Fry

    "I love every minute I have to share my passion for web development with my students. In many cases, I am the first web professional most of them have ever met or been able to speak with at length. To them, I represent a growing career field with endless possibilities. My teaching efforts help shape student understanding and influence their opinions about future trends within the industry."
  • Thomas Bell

    "Our courses cover new and cutting-edge technologies, frameworks and workflows. The web is constantly evolving, and our program gives students an opportunity to stay ahead of it all."