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Studying Physics at Weber State

Weber State’s physics major gives students with a passion for science an in-depth knowledge of the relationships between matter and energy while preparing them for well-paying careers.

Physics Highlights

In the physics program, you can join Weber State’s chapter of Sigma Xi, an international honor society, to become eligible for competitive grants to fund your research.

Because physics involves a wide range of topics, your classes will cover topics related to your minor and general education requirements, giving you a better understanding of many subjects you’ll study.

Beyond the Classroom

You can join Weber State’s Physics Club, where you’ll meet peers and participate in social activities.

Weber State’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students offers opportunities to discuss physics with your peers, participate in seminars and tour local organizations that employ physics majors.

What You’ll LEARN at Weber

Physics majors learn about nature at the deepest possible level to focus on their studies on theoretical physics, astrophysics, computational physics and physics of materials. Applied physics majors focus on physical phenomena and hands-on experience, which makes the degree a good fit if you’re planning to go directly into industrial employment or a graduate program. The physics teaching degree offers an in-depth understanding of physics, along with background in teaching methods, laboratory safety, and foundations of science education.

What You CAN DO After Weber

The demand for science graduates continues to grow. A degree in physics, applied physics or physics teaching will provide you with a wide range of career opportunities.

Graduates with a physics major have a strong foundation for graduate work, while applied physics graduates often go on to industrial careers or graduate studies in certain applied fields. Physics teaching graduates become teachers at the secondary-school level.

If you have questions, contact a WSU Career Advisor.