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Construction Apprenticeship at Weber State

Weber State’s Associate of Applied Science in Apprenticeship program allows students who have completed or are completing an apprenticeship to earn their associate’s degree as well.

Construction Apprenticeship Highlights

While this degree was developed for Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College (OWATC) apprenticeship students, it’s open to anyone who meets the qualifications of an apprentice with a certificate of proficiency from a post-secondary institution offering the Office of Apprenticeship (OA) certified program.

You must be able to provide one of the following:

  • State of Utah Journeyperson’s License.
  • Certificate of Completion from the Office of Apprenticeship (OA).
  • Certificate of Completion from the post-secondary institution offering an OA-certified program.

In addition to your apprenticeship, you only have to complete Weber State general education courses, along with two additional courses, to earn your degree.     

Beyond the Classroom

Along with on-the-job training in your apprenticeship program, you’ll have access to all extracurricular activities available to Weber State students.

What You’ll LEARN at Weber

The curriculum includes:

  • College writing
  • Public speaking
  • Environmental appreciation
  • Interpersonal and small group communication
  • Microeconomics
  • Business computer skills
  • Information navigation

What You CAN DO After Weber

Start your career in your apprenticeship field and/or transition to a Weber State bachelor’s degree program. If you have questions, contact a WSU Career Advisor.

Faculty Perspective


Students in Weber State's apprenticeship program have hands-on experience and learn from one another in class discussions.

Joseph Wolfe, Jr.


I love having the opportunity to teach students who are already experiencing their industry.

Chris Soelberg