Mail Center Policy




REV.  11/08


LOCATION:  The Weber State University Mail Center is located east of Campus, on the South side of the Receiving and Distribution building, Room 204. 


The Mail Center has been established under the direction of the Administration for the purpose of handling the University's incoming and out-going mail, campus mail, and provides a service for the Faculty, Staff and Students. The Mail Center is not a branch of the U.S. Post Office.  Limited postal services are available.  






MONDAY THRU FRIDAY:   7:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.   Closed 12:00 - 1:00 P.M for lunch.  

Closed Saturday and Sunday and all Holidays.




The mail is picked up at 6:00 A.M. each morning from the Newgate Post Office.  The mail is then sorted and made ready for delivery on campus.  




The following mail procedures are in effect.          


1. Mail will be delivered to each mail stop daily.  All out-going mail will be collected at this time.                                                   


2. Each individual will have to pick-up his or her mail at the designated mail stops as provided by the department.                                    


3. An "IN" box for all incoming mail and 3 "Out" boxes; (Instate), (Out of State) and (Campus) will be provided by each department at each mail stop for all outgoing mail.  It will be the responsibility of the secretary at each mail stop to separate and bundle the mail for pick-up.  If two or more departments share a mail stop, each department must bundle its mail separately.  This allows for the correct billing of postage to the correct Mail code.


            4. All mail leaving campus is delivered to the Newgate Post Office daily by 3:00 P.M.


                      a. If a department or individual within a department fails to meet the appointed collection time, the missed mail may be taken to the Mail Center before 2:00 P.M.                       





            5. Departments are required to notify the Mail Center when they have a mailing exceeding 50 pieces.  This also applies when mailing large numbers of manila envelopes, or any size of package or boxes.  If no notice is given prior to collection time, the mailing will not be collected until the next day.


            6. Departments and Offices are required to follow the information listed below to more effectively handle the mail for faster and more effective mail service.                 




            1.  SORT all mail into the following three categories.


            INSTATE:  All Mail with a Utah address.  (Exception)... Utah mails with beginning ZIPs 845,846,847 are sorted as OUT OF STATE mail.                                                           


            OUT OF STATE:  Other than Utah, Canada, Mexico and Overseas.                          


            CAMPUS MAIL:   Department mail.  Note:  Do not mix Flats (large envelopes) and letter mail.  No postage necessary for campus mail.


NOTE:  If any of the three categories exceed 50 or more pieces, the Mail must be Sorted in Zip Code order or Mail Code order if Campus Mail.


            2.  FIRST CLASS MAIL will be bundled with the flaps up and secured with rubber bands prior to collection time.  The open flaps allow for the proper sealing of letters as they pass through the postage meter.  Open flaps also allow for periodical inspection of University mail to insure that departments and individuals are not misusing postal funds. Letters received without the flaps up, will be charged .02 cents extra.  Letters that are sealed will be returned to the department Chairman. (Exceptions) Envelopes containing checks may be sealed. If sealed, a note must be attached to the envelopes indicating that checks are enclosed.


            3.  All mail will be separated according to size. The University uses varied sizes.  They are identified by the University logo, which is found in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.  A number of departments have had their own envelopes printed, with a heading relating to that department.  These will be accepted, with administrative approval and as long as the heading indicates the correct return address.


                      a. University envelopes are the only envelopes allowed to be metered by the Mail Center.  Exceptions to this will be cleared through the Mail Center and the Administration.


                      b. All University mail must have a Return Address:  Each department is assigned an address comprising the department Mail Code and University Circle.  The University' Zip Code (84408) is followed by a hyphen and the Mail Code. The University Circle and Zip - Mail Code combination allows envelopes to be returned to the department of origin if for any reason it fails to reach its destination.  This also saves having to open returned mail in the Mail Center. The Mail Code also serves as a means for billing departments for postage.  Mail Codes may be added to the Zip-Code in a number of ways. Typed, hand-written, printed by Printing Services or stamped on with the use of a 1/8 inch rubber stamp.  See page # 7 for the correct format for placing a return address on university envelopes.


            NOTE: All envelopes, post cards or flyers mailed at the First Class rate, must have the endorsement... ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED printed 1/4 inch below the Return Address. All envelopes, post cards or flyers mailed at the Non-Profit rate must have the endorsement... RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED.               


                      c. The University heading shall in no way be covered or crossed out showing a different return other than that of the University.  


                      d. University envelopes will not be used for personal mail.                        


                      e. University envelopes will not be affixed with U.S. postage stamps.  Such envelopes will be returned to the sender. (See WSU policy 5-30)          


                      f.   Letter envelopes must not exceed 1/4 inch thickness or five sheets of 8 ½ X 11 paper.  Information exceeding these standards should be enclosed in a larger manila envelope.


                      g. All manila envelopes will be closed and sealed.                


                      h. Do not use RED or GREEN envelopes or paper stock.  The postage meter imprint will not show on these colors.


            I.  Mail Center personnel have been instructed not to pick-up or deliver FedEx or UPS packets or parcels.  Call the Receiving department to schedule a pick-up for these items and to make inquires about deliveries.


b. STANDARD ‘A’ MAIL:                    


            1.  Standard “A” Mail consists of mail able matter which is not mailed or required to be                                             mailed as First class and weighs less than 16 ounces.  Standard “A” Mail includes:                                       Circulars, merchandise, photographs or impressions obtained upon paper by means of

printing by letterpress, or other mechanical process.  EXCEPTION:  The use of a typewriter or the reproduction of typewritten material is not classified as Standard “A” Mail.  Standard “A” materials are usually sent in the large brown manila envelopes. If the material within a manila envelope fails to meet the above standards, it must be mailed First Class.                                                                      


c. BULK MAILINGS:                    


            1. Weber State University has a special non-profit mailing permit which allows departments to send large mailings at a lower rate.  Our Permit Number is 151. Bulk mailings must have 200 pieces or more before they may be mailed. All pieces in a bulk mailing must be identical as to size, including the size of envelopes if material is placed in envelopes, weight, number of enclosures, color, texture and weight of paper used.  All wording in the body of each piece must be identical. Bulk material should not indicate a preparation/mailing date, because extra time is required for the delivery of bulk.  Do not use envelopes with First Class markings.


                      a. All Bulk Mail will be sorted in ascending order by ZIP CODES.  A zip code is required on each piece of mail.                   


                      b. The University's return address must appear on each mail piece.          

                        1. The endorsement (Return Service Requested) must be printed 1/4 inch under the Return Address.


                      c. Any information sent at bulk rate must indicate the University as the originator or sponsor of the material.                    


                      d. The Mail Center must have two full working days to prepare bulk mailings.  


                      e. All Bulk mailings must be received 10 days prior to the first date of any event published in the mail piece.  This is the minimum amount of time needed for mailing Bulk and not even this is guaranteed.


                      f. Review bulk mail piece design, with the Mail Center, before going to print or mailing to insure it meets Postal Bulk mailing standards.


            Note:  All Bulk Mail must be mailed from the University Mail Center. If mailed by an outside vender, approval must be obtained from the Mail Center.


                      g. If you have any questions or problems about bulk mailings, please call the Mail Center before a costly mistake is made. Bulk mail not meeting the above standards, will be returned to the department of origin or mailed at the First Class rate.                


            d. OVERNIGHT MAIL:           


                      1.  The Mail Center offers Overnight Mail services. U.S. Postal Express. This service offers economical service depending on the area of delivery. Delivery times may vary also.  For the best service, contact the Mail Center.


                        a. Federal Express and UPS overnight mail are handled by the Receiving Department.     


            e. STANDARD “B” MAIL:


                      1.  BOUND PRINTED MATTER:  Books or bound printed matter and weighing over 1.5 pounds.


                                    a. Materials not meeting this standard will be mailed at Parcel rate. 


                                    b. The endorsement, BOUND PRINTED MATTER must appear prominently on the address side of the mail piece.


                                     c. The University Bulk Permit must be printed in the upper right corner of the mail piece or envelope.


                        2.  STANDARD MAIL: Printed Matter and Sheet Music weighing less than one pound.


                                    a. Print the words Media Mail on the envelope or parcel.


                        3.  LIBRARY MAIL: For Library use only.                                                            



            f. CAMPUS MAIL:                    


                      1.  All Campus Mail must be put in campus identified envelopes--these may be purchased through the Stores Department.  The use of other envelopes presents problems in handling and sorting.  Many times this results in a letter being sent through the regular mail which, in turn, wastes envelopes and money.  Campus envelopes are BLUE in color.               


                                    a. Addressing of Campus Mail should indicate the person's name and mail code.  Other designations, abbreviations, etc; are not accepted.                           


                                    b. Campus Mail is sorted in the Mail Center by Mail Code, Room numbers, building and building numbers, phone numbers, and     department names are of no use to the personnel sorting the mail. Campus mail not meeting the above standards may be delayed or returned to the sender, for an address correction.


                                    c. Campus mailings must be bundled and sorted by department mail codes if the mailings exceed 50 pieces.                


            g. MEMO’S, FLYERS AND HANDOUTS:                    


                      1.  Definition--Information being distributed on campus by a department to all Faculty, Staff and Departments without being individually addressed.                        


                                    a. The Mail Center requests that material of this type be limited to department distribution (approximately 230 copies) unless it is mandatory that all individuals receive a copy.  Material of this type must be University oriented. Outside material must be cleared by the Administration.                        


                                    b. All such information will show, in its heading, to whom it is to be distributed, such as, To:  All Faculty-To:  All Faculty & Staff, etc.


                                    c. Contact the Mail Center for the number of copies needed for Faculty, Staff and Department distributions.                


                                    d. Memo's and Flyers affixed with labels must be sorted in Mail Code order.


                                    e. A $ 10.00 fee is charged to the department mailing such information.



            h. ADDRESS FORMAT:


                        1.  Use only CAPITAL CHARACTERS (no punctuation) in each line of an address.


                        2.  Use single spacing between lines.  Put one space between the city & state, and two spaces between the state & ZIP + 4 codes.


    Address Information                                 Example


    Non-Address Data                                         Acct 0852174

    Information/Attention                                      DR J BROWN    

    Name of Business                                          HIPIT WORLD INC       

    Delivery Address                                           431 MAPLE CIR STE 12

    City, State, ZIP + 4                                        ANY TOWN US  98765-4321


                                    a. Any non-address information in the OCR read area...such as logos or messages... should be positioned no lower than the top of the delivery address line.


                                    b. Addresses should be typed in black on white backgrounds to insure the proper Reflectance and Contrast for Optical Character Reader (OCR) recognition.


                                    c. Mail not meeting the above U.S. postal requirements may delay delivery.




                        1.  The university address requires only 5 lines as indicated below:                        


    Address Information                    Example

    Name (Personal if used)                    J D WILLIAMS MCM

    Department Name                             UNIVERSITY MAIL CENTER


    (MC) UNIVERSITY CIR                       3604 UNIVERSITY CIR

    City, State, ZIP-Mail Code           OGDEN UT  84408-3604                                   




                      1.  Mail received with an address not that of the University is returned to the U. S. Post office.                                                                                 


                      2. Mail received with and incorrect address is set aside.  The name on the mail piece is compared to the University’s master employee list, which is up-dated weekly. If the person’s name is found, the mail code is written on the mail piece and placed in the correct mail bin.  If the persons name is not found on the master list, the mail piece is returned to the sender.


            k. PETTY CASH:                    


                        Petty cash slips will not be accepted for postage.   



            l. MAIL FORWARDING:


                      Each Department is responsible for the Forwarding and Address corrections of mail, for                                      individuals, who have terminated or moved from within the department.


            m. INFORMATION:                    


                      If there are any questions regarding your mail, contact someone at the Mail Center, Ext. 6375.


                      These policies and procedures have been established in order to maintain a high efficiency in handling the University's mail.