Science Communication and Public Outreach BIS Degree

The Science Communication and Public Outreach BIS degree option is designed for students with a passion for science and a desire to share it with the public. The program includes courework is science, design, and communication, culminating in a capstone project that combines your scientific knowledge with communication to a wide array of audiences.

Degree Requirements

The Science Communication and Public Outreach consists of four components: communication empahsis, design emphasis, science/technology empahsis, and the capstone project. 

  • Communication BIS:
    • COMM 1020 - Principles of Public Speaking
    • COMM 1130 - Media Writing
    • COMM 1500 - Intro to Mass Communication -or- COMM 2010 Mass Media and Society
    • COMM 2110 - Interpersonal and Small Group Communication
    • COMM 3000 - Communication Theory
    • 9 credits COMM electives, including 6 credits upper division
  • Design emphasis:
    • Art
    • Data analytics
    • Design for digital media
    • Interior design
    • Professional and technical writing
    • User experience design
  • Science and Technology Area Emphasis
    • Choose from an emphasis area in the College of Science, College of Social and Behavioral Science, College of Business and Economics, Engineering and Applied Science, or Health and Human Performance 
  • Science Communication and Outreach Capstone:
    • Experience working with the public in a science outreach capacity.
    • Research experience in area of emphasis

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