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Kaltura Knowledge Base

Please note that this page will be retired after the Spring 2024 semester and the content will be migrated to the Weber State IT Knowledge Base linked below. 

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Kaltura Basics

Kaltura Basics

This will provide a overall walk-through of the Kaltura interface and how to upload videos into the system.

Kaltura Personal Capture

Personal Capture is a great tool for capturing your screen, marking up screen content, and uploading seamlessly into the Kaltura system.

Mobile Interface

The ability to upload from a mobile device could give you extra options in content creation for your courses.

Kaltura Captions

Learn to request, edit, and view captions for your media all within Kaltura.

Kaltura + Canvas

Embed in Canvas

Using the embed option in the "Share" menu can provide a seamless viewing experience for viewers.

Kaltura Quiz

Quiz tools are built into the Kaltura system that can help the audience review the content.

Mobile + PPT

Learn to use a mobile device to record the audio or video and attach the slides after the fact.

Kaltura + PPT

Powerpoint integrates tightly with Personal Capture to save you some work.

Recording Tips: Mics, cameras, and plenty of action

Audio for Video

Microphones have great impact in the quality of the video production. Listen here to find the type that best suits you.

Lighting for Video

Lighting can make your media presentations more engaging. Take a look at a few options to get the best light from simple gear.