Loan Forgiveness Scams

Malicious actors may send you communications in the form of emails, phone calls, or text messages saying that you qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness, financial aid opportunities, or other similar offers. These offers generally provide vague information and generally do not include verbiage about Weber State or any personalized information about the student they are contacting. Many of these scams also have a tone of urgency and use terms like, "Enrollments are first come, first serve", or "Act immediately, call now!". 

This type of attack is called Social Engineering and you can learn more about it here:

If you received one of these messages, DO NOT give out any personal information. Immediately report the message as phishing and delete it. If you choose to do so, you can also submit a complaint to the Federal Student Aid website so they can take note of the scam:

If you are unsure about the legitimacy of the message that you received, before taking any action, please email

If you think you are being scammed, act fast and pursue one or all of the following options: 

For more information about Loan Forgiveness Scams, visit the following links: