Student Worker Employee E-mail


Time Keeper, follow these instruction to give/remove student worker access to employee e-mail and departmental accounts. 

These accounts will be created during our next sync. If the account hasn't been created/updated within two business days please send an email to and include the W#. 


1)      Log into the Weber Home Page






2)  Find the "Employee Access Control" Channel by typing "Employee Access Control" in the search bar.





3) Click on the Employee Access Control link




4) Select "Department Lookup"






5) Choose "Select a Department". Then you will pick the code for the department your worker is in.

Please note: The only departments you can look at are the ones you are the time keeper for.






6) A list of all the student workers in that department will show. Click on the "Update" link next to the user you want to grant access for.













7) The user you have selected will appear above the list of users. Mark "yes" next to the type of account you want the user to have.

8) Click the "Save" button once you have selected the access you want the user to have and you are done!


If you have any questions or problems please send an e-mail to: (Include user's W# if an account isn't working properly).