SWIFT Supply Chain Scholar

The SWIFT Supply Chain Scholar is awarded to undergraduate supply chain management students who excel in academics, contribute to colleagues’ learning, engage in community outreach, and show great potential for career success..

The SWIFT Supply Chain Scholar receives a $1,000 cash award (less benefits and withholding taxes) immediately after being chosen and has the opportunity to receive up to an additional $6,000 (less benefits and withholding taxes) after completing the following:

  • Receive $1,000 after successfully completing SCM 4700: Case Analysis, Critical Thinking, and Persuasive Communication.

  • Receive $1,000 after successfully completing SCM 4810: Business Projects.

  • Receive $2,000 after successfully completing Supply Chain Study Abroad.

  • Receive $2,000 after successfully completing 2 of the 3 experiential-learning options above.

Students that complete the above criteria will become Jerry & Vickie Moyes Supply Chain Fellows. All fellows will be invited to meet with the Jerry & Vickie Moyes Center for Supply Chain Excellence Advisory Board, which is comprised of industry leaders from across the Wasatch front. This is a fantastic networking opportunity.

To apply, fill out the SWIFT Scholar application, attach a current resume, and submit a WSU transcript. Email all documents to MoyesSCMCenter@weber.edu by the application deadline.

Click for the SWIFT Scholar application.  NOTE: PDF form fields work best in Chrome.  If text in form fields are not visible on screen, download the form to your computer first, then complete and return.  Email MoyesSCMCenter@weber.edu with questions.

To be considered during spring semester, your application must be received by January 30th.

To be considered during the fall semester, your application must be received by October 29th.

A selection committee, appointed by the Director of the Jerry & Vickie Moyes Center for Supply Chain Excellence, will review the application materials and select SWIFT Scholar candidates.